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"i patiently follow the guidance of my higher self on the path to enlightenment."

FAQ - Terminology and Links

Aftershocks Munch (The STL3 Large Munch) - This is munch for anyone interested in the lifestyle, STL3, or anyone just wanting to socialize in a bar that is closed to the public.

Atomic Cowboy Munch - This is a munch for STL3 members and prospectives only.  It is a time for the members of STL3 to get to know those who are seeking admission prior to their member vote.

BMSL and Spanksgiving - Annual large events sponsored by STL3.

FLOG was founded in December 1998 to specifically address the St. Louis scene and its ever growing and changing needs. FLOG is dedicated to providing an open, friendly, safe, and educational atmosphere all under one roof. All FLOG asks in return is that you come with a willingness to learn as well as educate, and to come with an open mind to diversity and an open heart to acceptance.

We are a completely open group. If you have an interest in BDSM, and have been looking for the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, then we are here for you. Our group exists not only for those people that are relatively new to the scene and are enjoying the process of learning about themselves and growing from their experiences, but also for those more experienced in the lifestyle. We are a group of individuals that feel that it's important that some form of BDSM fit somewhere in our lives. We encourage people to learn and gain an understanding of this lifestyle.
  • 1 large social and optional play party each month
  • Hands-On Training Sessions (HOTS)

More Info on FLOG

Kinky Over 40 This is a group for kinksters in the St. Louis area that are over the chronological age of 40 or who have similar life experiences necessary to socialize and discuss issues of interest of a mature audience in an informal manner.

There are no set meetings, munches, membership dues, by-laws, etc.

The group is run by the group and is a way to contact other members of similar experiences and interests when the mood strikes. Your forum to spend the day/evening with kinksters of maturity. Hang out and have fun.

Metro Submissive Forum The submissive forum meets monthly and provides an opportunity for submissives, switches who are primarily submissive, and those new to the community who are exploring how they will find their niche and over the age of 21 to discuss topics of importance to them.
It is not necessary to belong to any group in order to attend, the meetings are open to all regardless of any group affiliation. It is not necessary to be in a relationship to attend the meetings. The group reflects a healthy cross section of our community as a whole and all meeting the general requirements above are welcome.
It is my hope, as the facilitator of the group meetings, that those attending take their thoughts, ideas, frustrations, outlooks, revelations, and possible epiphanies back to their Dom/Domme’s and to other submissives for additional discussion. While discussion of topics is strongly encouraged, it is vital to protect the identity of those who attend the meeting and are willing to engage in the discussions. Please keep their identities confidential.

The discussions are conducted in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere with the understanding that an exchange of different viewpoints leads to growth and perhaps-enlightenment.
STL3 StL3, Inc. is a licensed not for profit educational, support and social group for persons interested in alternative lifestyles. We have a 15+ year track record in the St Louis community. We welcome adults, regardless of sexual orientation, level of experience, depth of knowledge or length of time in the lifestyle. Our membership consists of both very experienced people and "new to BDSM" folks. Yes, there is quite a mix of people from across all walks of life in the St Louis Community!

We support the right of adults to pursue their interests in a safe, sane and consensual manner, free from outside interference. We also respect your right to belong to or participate in as many or as few organizations as you wish. Some of our members are very active in supporting the Community and Lifestyle Scene, both locally and nationally. Others prefer not to be. The choice is yours. StL3 does have a strong, ongoing connection and mutual members with the other well respected lifestyle groups in the Metro St Louis area, MAsT St Louis Chapter, St Louis TNG, Metro Submissive Forum, Dominant Dialog, Eastside Munch and F.L.O.G.

StL3 provides a safe, judgment-free, "no pressure" environment in which our members can explore their lifestyle choices. Each month, we host for our members at a members only space an Education Night, each with a specific topic. Previous Ed Nights have included Cell Popping, Violet Wand play, BDSM Furniture building, DM Training and more! There are mentoring programs for Dominants, submissives and couples. And we provide the opportunity to meet some of the most experienced folks in St Louis. Then of course there are our `StL3 Members Only' social activities. We hold at least two socials a month at a private space, sometimes in conjunction with our Ed Nights.
We have more social events for our members as well; monthly Friday night Excursion, Members Only BBQs, and Holiday Parties, etc. StL3 Members also are given discounts to our events, Beat Me in St Louis and Spanksgiving. And, we have reciprocal discounts to other events around the country, i.e. Winter Wickedness and C.O.P.E. (Central Ohio Perversion Excursion) just to name a couple.

For a little more background on our group, StL3 has a long standing (yes, 15+ years) involvement in the St Louis community. Our group has been honored nationally with awards and Pantheon nominations as well as awards, Leather Leadership Conference (LLC) and we send delegates to their yearly national conference. StL3 is also nationally recognized and recommended in both books `Screw the Roses' and `The Loving Dominant'. We hold a Coalition Membership with National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCFS) and work closely with NCFS on lifestyle issues. StL3 has raised donations in support of NCFS! (Well okay, Mocha's Birthday & Jsin's tutu did!) And we have a strong, ongoing connection and mutual members with many of the other groups in town, MAsT St Louis Chapter, St Louis TNG, Metro Submissive Forum, Dominant Dialog, Eastside Munch and F.L.O.G. Our event based silent auction has raised thousands of dollars all donated to worthy St. Louis charities.

So as you can see, StL3 has a long standing presence in the community and are looking forward to many great things we have planned yet to come! Our group is growing by leaps and bounds. So we are in transition to a larger and more private space to better accommodate all our members. STL3 is excited about having a private event venue for events BMSL and Spanksgiving is so exciting and our events are selling out faster than ever! So as you can tell, it’s an exciting time to be involved with StL3!
WhipNicWhat is a whipnic you wonder? Its a whip picnic held in the St Louis area where whip enthusiasts get together and learn how to throw and care for whips! From long bull whips to the shorter dungeon style whips. All ages are welcome! "Kids too!" All skill levels are welcome! We will have whips there to loan and in some cases, whips for purchase.
Never thrown a whip before? Don't worry. We are a friendly whip group and would be happy to show you how. We will not only teach you how to throw whips. We will also teach you how to make crackers/poppers.


Personal info:

i am 48 year old slave married to my Dominant/Husband.  We live a modified 24/7 lifestyle (modified in that we still have one child in the home).  i am a stay at home slave serving my Dominant and family.

i refer to my children by number in this blog

#1 is 29 years old, works full time and just finished his master's degree, he is starting his 2nd bachelors in the fall.

#1.5 is the wife of #1.  She is 29 years old, an attorney and an amazing woman.  They live about 4 miles away.

#2 is my second son.  He is back into college after serving his country for 5 years, a portion of that time in Iraq, he lives with his wife about 5 miles from us.

#2.5 is #2's wife.  She is the mother of an awesome little boy who lives in another state, she works full time and is a joy to be around.

#3 is 23 years old, in college about 3 hours away, i miss him daily.

#4 is in high school and still lives at home.

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