my Affirmation

"i patiently follow the guidance of my higher self on the path to enlightenment."

morgaine's Rules


The health and welfare of our children is your top priority at all times.

you will conduct yourself in a respectful and modest manner at all times.

your behavior is a direct reflection on Me.

you will be held accountable for any misdeeds, wrongdoings and misbehavior committed when not in the presence of the Dominant.  See punishment section.


you will not wear a bra when attending events.

you will wear the panties I choose for you, or nothing, when attending events.

you will make your pussy available to Me whenever I want.

Sexual Use

your pussy will be free of any hair at all times.  No landing strips; completely bare.  It's your responsibility to locate a facility, make the appointment and get it done.

you will show Me your pussy when I tell you to.

you will expose yourself in public when I tell you to.

you will assume any position I instruct you to get into without hesitation or question.


you will make My bed every day before 10:00 am

Both the upstairs bathroom and first floor bathroom must be clean at all times.  No hair should be visible in or around the sink.  The mirror should be clean.  The first floor bathroom must be free of clutter.

The kitchen is to be clean, no dishes in the sink, no clutter on the counters after every meal.

The first floor of the house must always be kept in a "company ready" state.

you will complete laundry for the family once per week.

you will drop off and pick up My dry cleaning once per week.

you will shop for groceries for the family once per week.

you will serve dinner to Me 30 minutes after I arrive home.

Master's Bed

you will sleep in My bed every Wednesday night and on any night you are instructed.

you will not wear clothing when you sleep in My bed.

you must ask permission if you desire to wear socks. (rule removed)

you must provide iced water next to My bed each night before I got to bed.


Corner Rules

your corner is the corner in the dungeon.

you will be instructed on when to go to your corner.

you will be completely naked, except for socks.

you will not wear a collar of any kind.

you will not listen to music.

you will not look at your phone or read/send texts.

you will not answer the phone if it rings.

you hands will remain behind your back.

you will kneel for the entire time, without a pillow.

you will kneel in this position the entire time,

Punishment Schedule

Minutes in Corner
Additional offenses

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