my Affirmation

"i patiently follow the guidance of my higher self on the path to enlightenment."

To Be Owned

To be owned means that:

i am loved beyond concept of any i have known before.  That i am cherished, protected and treasured above all else in His eyes.

It means that i know that i am supported in all that i do which will make me strive to be better at all that i do.

It means that i give up the right to make that final decision but i have the right to voice my opinion.  Hence this works well for me since i don’t like making those decisions.  They typically cause me stress.

It means that i am free to just be me and focus on making the cherished ones around me happy.

It means that my commitment is now to focus on my Master’s happiness and our children.

It means that my focus is on making His life easier as well whether by keeping the house clean, the kids maintained or the use of my body for His pleasure.

It means that i accept that my Master will care for me and all my needs.  He will decide which ones are necessary and which are just wants versus needs.    These things can include anything that affects our life.

It means no matter if i am in His presence or not that i am still His.