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Monday, April 18, 2016

My Heart is Breaking!

I'm trying so hard not to be sad.  When our #2 son graduated from college last year with his two degrees (Math and Computer Science) we knew there was the possibility of him moving.  He's worked since graduation here in St. Louis with his older brother....unfortunately he has not gotten the opportunities with the company that he interned with.  He has applied to and received an offer from a HUGE aerospace company in Oklahoma City, OK.  There is basically no way that he can turn down this opportunity, they are almost doubling his salary and offering him an opportunity to work in an environment that is amazing.

They are putting their house on the market tomorrow and will be moving soon.  My heart has broken!  Not only will he be moving but his wife, their dogs and more daughter-in-law's son will all be relocating.  I'm trying so hard to show a strong face but my heart is broken....guess this means I will be doing a lot of driving!

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