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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Making Everyone Play Nice

So.....not posting as often as I have in the past....might be because my life isn't nearly as exciting as before.  

The kids (second son and his wife) have sold their house in St. Louis, bought a new one in Oklahoma City, they are currently in corporate housing until they close.  We're starting to hammer out the details of the grandson's visit, it seems like it will be many hours on the road.

I'm having dinner with the DIL (daughter-in-law of my first son) tomorrow night, we've had a very rocky couple of months, I'm hoping to smooth things over before my son's b-day party on Saturday night...not sure I can do it, she seems to have an agenda that runs parallel to our family's values.  I hope we can work it out, the divide has been long and hard (more than 6 months) but at least we have maintained a relationship with our son through this, I just need everyone to play nice!

Off to bed I go.....I hope everyone is well!

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