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Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Raining Babies.....

Tonight I am dealing with my half brother, he is the product of my father, who left my mother to marry a woman who had played every heartstrings she could have on him.

Many years later, they have a son, a son that they neglected for years, put on heavy duty meds so they didn't need to take care of him and now he is the biggest freaking mess.  He had a baby with his first girlfriend, had a baby with is second girlfriend (that he has now been told isn't his child at all) and he now has impregnated his third girlfriend, she has just recently left him and told him that this baby isn't his a tall.  WOW, can anyone say that this whole group of people are FUCKED up?????  I have had 4 boys, not one of them has impregnated their significant other, not even the ones who are married.  Might I add that he is on disability for being a total fuck up, should he procreate?  NO, NOT ever!

Sorry for the rant, not sure where else I could put this.....

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